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A fresh tattoo is an open wound, and will be prone to infection -- just like any other open wound!

It is important to look after your tattoo carefully for the duration of the healing process.

Here are the absolute most important rules for you to follow:

  • DO wash your tattoo with soap and running water

  • DO pat dry with clean towel immediately after washing

  • DO put moisturiser/tattoo cream on tattoo if scabs are feeling overly dry

  • DO clean tattoo if it comes in contact with just about ANYTHING (other than stuff listed in instructions above)

  • DO ask us if you're unsure of anything!

  • DO NOT soak or submerge tattoo in any body of water -- ie. NO SWIMMING & keep out of baths

  • DO NOT touch your tattoo other than to clean/moisturise/wrap -- give it a slap if it's itchy!

  • DO NOT let anyone or anything touch your tattoo -- eg. keep it off public gym equipment, don't let pets lick/rub it


These instructions should be followed until your tattoo is fully healed, which can take around 1 to 2 weeks.

The rest of this page contains more detail in the form of frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for or you're not sure of anything, feel free to get in contact with us and we'll be happy help you out.


Washing & Keeping Clean

How to wash tattoo

  • Plain soap and warm running water is all you need. When you're done, give it a pat dry with a clean towel.

How often do I need to wash it?

  • At least twice a day, but also any time it comes into contact with ANYTHING that isn't a clean hand, fresh towel, moisturiser, or a new dressing. You will need to do this until the tattoo is sufficiently healed, which will take around 1 to 2 weeks.

Dressings - Second Skin

How long should I keep it on?

  • We recommend a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 5 days. You can shower normally with it on, just take it off if water happens to get in underneath it.

I'm worried about [blank], should I take it off?

  • Full of goo

You may notice the dressing fill up with excess fluid (blood, plasma and ink). This is completely normal and will not affect your tattoo. This should dry up towards the end of the 5 days.

  • Water got in

If you notice water seeping into the dressing, take it off. Stagnant water promotes bacteria growth!

  • Looking red

A small amount of redness is normal, but there is always a small possibility of your skin reacting to the dressing. If you feel this is the case, take it off and give it a wash. If you're in to get tattooed with us again, let us know and we'll use an alternative dressing.

  • Leaking

Your Second Skin is likely to leak on the first day after a large tattoo. Because of this, some of us prefer to take off the first dressing of Second Skin and apply a second on the following day. We recommend using towels and old (but clean) bedsheets on your bed for at least your first night.

How to remove

  • When peeling off the dressing, peel it back on itself. Do not peel it outwards as this can damage the fragile skin beneath. It is easiest to peel off your dressing in the shower as the water and soap will aid in the removal of the adhesive. Wash clean with water and soap immediately.

How to apply

  • We generally don't recommend trying to apply it yourself. If you've been tattooed by us recently and want a fresh dressing of Second Skin, you're always welcome to drop back in and one of our artists will apply some for you for free. If you've been tattooed somewhere else, we're still happy to help, we just charge around $5 to $10 (depending on size) to cover the cost of the dressing.

Dressings - Plastic Wrap

How long should I keep it on?

  • Plastic wrap should be changed daily.

How to apply

  • Wash with warm running water and soap, pat dry with a clean towel, then immediately place the plastic wrap over the tattoo. Keep in place with sticky tape, being careful not to get tape on the tattoo.​

Aftercare Cream

Do I need to use aftercare cream?

  • Cream isn't a necessity, but we do recommend using it if your tattoo is feeling particularly dry and crispy.

What kind of aftercare cream should I use?

  • Our personal favourite aftercare cream is SK!N Tattoo Cream, which we sell at the studio. Any Vitamin E moisturising cream is perfectly fine though!

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